It costs HOW much? And I can do WHAT with it? Green Living Tips

It’s a rainy day in Buffalo, so I thought I’d share a few green lifestyle tips that ALWAYS brighten my day whenever I put them to good use.

It’s organic and completely biodegradeable within 7-30 days. It has the same pH balance as your skin.  No fumes, no chemicals.  And it’s got 1,001 uses!  That’s right:  The same stuff you use to clean your house, Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate!  Take a look at a handful of tips to help you this spring and summer:

1 drop in a 16 oz spray bottle full of water not only cleans your windows, glass, and mirrors. You can also use this formulation as a vegetable/fruit wash spray; fertilizer for your house plants (spray the soil and leaves); and as a dusting agent (spray on a cloth and wipe).  It costs less than one penny to make this formula.

1 1/4 tsp in a 16 oz spray bottle full of water not only is the best degreaser you will ever find for stovetops, motorcycles, and your microwave.  You can also use this formulation for a backyard bug repellant.  Simply spray your exposed skin and rub in, mist on clothes and hair.  Bugs don’t like the taste and they stay away!  Dropped a hotdog on your shirt or some greasy pasta salad?  Spray your shirt down with this formula, blot, and let dry.  Removing wallpaper?  Spray and scrape.  It costs less than 25 cents to make this formula.

Use full strength Basic H2 to dab on bug bites, rashes, or burns to relieve them, or to get gum out of your kids’ hair.

I use Basic H2 every single day!  I don’t even care that it’s one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, or that they use it in The White House, because I just love it so much and it is such an economical buy.

Enjoy your spring and summer, with lots of outdoor fun!  More tips to come!


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