A Storm’s A Brewin’!

We’re supposed to get some crazy weather here in the Northeast, but I think the real storm is brewing in every office and school in America right now: THE FLU!  I am looking in every direction and all I see are sick people!

I have not been sick in quite some time (::knocks on wood::), but I also am pretty diligent about eating well, exercising, taking my vitamins and getting enough sleep.  Also, I NEVER use antibacterial foams or soaps unless the situation is absolutely dire (i.e. concert port-a-john with no sink in sight).  It’s important to wash your hands and keep your house clean, but the influx of antibacterial agents in EVERYTHING is designing a disaster.

Your body has two lines of defense.  The first line is your skin. Your skin has what’s called an acid mantle, which blocks potentially harmful bacteria and fungi from absorbing.  Washing your hands with antibacterial soap, or using antibacterial foams or gels, degrades this acid mantle, disrupting your body’s first line of defense.  Likely, if you look at people who overuse these products, those are the sickest people around.  Use a regular, non-antibacterial soap whenever possible.  Bring your own small bottle of liquid hand soap to work with you, and wash your hands before you eat.

Your body’s second line of defense, believe it or not, is the colon!  Colons thrive on a high number of “good” bacteria/microflora.  When you’re born, you are born with a whole bunch of good bacteria.  Each time you have taken antibiotics, you’ve destroyed bad and good bacteria in your gut.  The problem is, the good bacteria is almost never replaced.  Years can go by and you will notice strange bacterial ailments, reduced immunity, and of course, irregularity.  The best way to combat this and stay healthy is to take a good quality probiotic, and I’m not talking about that Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt either! 

Really, you stay healthier when you act healthier.  Eating a plant-based diet with few preservatives (shopping the perimeter of your grocery store first), exercising regularly (20 minutes a day), drinking lots of water, and getting 8 hours of sleep a night, is the best course of action to start a healthy foundation.  Get a healthier colon and stay away from antibacterial stuff, and you’ll really have your immune system in top shape!

Take care of yourselves!  Weather the storm and come out alive 🙂


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