I’ve been reading!

I’ve been reading, and reading, and reading! 

I’m looking for a way to change things up.  I’m losing inches and I am looking better in clothes (and without, swimsuit season is approaching us quickly!), but I’m not dropping pounds or clothes sizes like I have wanted to by now.

I’ve (mostly) given up alcohol, sweets, and random not so great for me snacks.  I’ve been working out.  But it’s still not coming off like I want.  So, me being me, I did some research and I came up with a couple conclusions, so I’m trying a few new things for me.

A) I need to be more diligent with my HerbLax.  I STARTED the 45 day colon conditioning cycle but I haven’t finished it.  Why?  Because I can’t spend 10 minutes in the bathroom each morning when I’ve been scheduled for a week’s worth of all day training.  What’s that mean?  Back on the wagon starting today.  I only missed a week, I should be good now.  But hello!  When you have IBS like me, pooping is hella important.

B) I’m giving up cow’s milk – just for now.  I’ve been reading “This Is Why You’re Fat” by Jackie Warner  which speaks to hormonal reasons for weight gains and losses.  Because I’m pretty damn curious, I am going to follow the book for a month and see how it works.  Of course, this is in addition to my Cinch meal supplements.

C) I have to work out more.  This is likely the cause for everything I’m dissatisfied with.  Everyone thinks I’m a rockstar; I kickbox a few times a week and I play soccer.  Football’s about to start for the spring/summer, and of course there’s league kickball.  The problem is, I’m not doing what works for MY body as much as I should.  MY body has always been larger, even when I ran 10 miles a day in high school I was never a thin girl.  The only time I ever felt smaller, and more cut, was when I started High Intensity Interval Training with Jillian Michaels, another reason why I started reading Warner’s book, because they own a gym together.

Jillian’s 30 Day Shred changed. my. whole. body.  I love to hate her and the program.  I love the way I look and feel when I do high intensity interval training.  I also like being social.  It’s good for my business, and it feeds my spirit.  Which is why I’ve chosen to take kickboxing at an MMA gym, why I play soccer and football and kickball.  I LIKE to run around with others.  I LIKE to work up a sweat with others.  So that’s why I do it.  Better than sitting around doing nothing, right?  Often times, my group workouts end with beer.  I’ve been lucky this soccer season, we have had a lot of late games which means no post game bar visits.  But, it’s there, and I’m going to need to prepare for it.

I think getting up early a few days a week to get my Jillian Michaels/Jackie Warner HIIT in, will likely be the key to finally getting this body that I want and being able to maintain.  That way, I know the work’s done before I leave the house, and no matter WHAT happens to me throughout the day, it’s done.

That’s it for now.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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