A Storm’s A Brewin’!

We’re supposed to get some crazy weather here in the Northeast, but I think the real storm is brewing in every office and school in America right now: THE FLU!  I am looking in every direction and all I see are sick people!

I have not been sick in quite some time (::knocks on wood::), but I also am pretty diligent about eating well, exercising, taking my vitamins and getting enough sleep.  Also, I NEVER use antibacterial foams or soaps unless the situation is absolutely dire (i.e. concert port-a-john with no sink in sight).  It’s important to wash your hands and keep your house clean, but the influx of antibacterial agents in EVERYTHING is designing a disaster.

Your body has two lines of defense.  The first line is your skin. Your skin has what’s called an acid mantle, which blocks potentially harmful bacteria and fungi from absorbing.  Washing your hands with antibacterial soap, or using antibacterial foams or gels, degrades this acid mantle, disrupting your body’s first line of defense.  Likely, if you look at people who overuse these products, those are the sickest people around.  Use a regular, non-antibacterial soap whenever possible.  Bring your own small bottle of liquid hand soap to work with you, and wash your hands before you eat.

Your body’s second line of defense, believe it or not, is the colon!  Colons thrive on a high number of “good” bacteria/microflora.  When you’re born, you are born with a whole bunch of good bacteria.  Each time you have taken antibiotics, you’ve destroyed bad and good bacteria in your gut.  The problem is, the good bacteria is almost never replaced.  Years can go by and you will notice strange bacterial ailments, reduced immunity, and of course, irregularity.  The best way to combat this and stay healthy is to take a good quality probiotic, and I’m not talking about that Jamie Lee Curtis yogurt either! 

Really, you stay healthier when you act healthier.  Eating a plant-based diet with few preservatives (shopping the perimeter of your grocery store first), exercising regularly (20 minutes a day), drinking lots of water, and getting 8 hours of sleep a night, is the best course of action to start a healthy foundation.  Get a healthier colon and stay away from antibacterial stuff, and you’ll really have your immune system in top shape!

Take care of yourselves!  Weather the storm and come out alive 🙂


Dreaming of Spring & Summer!

It seems like everyone is trying to lose weight these days.  These cold winters don’t help.  I feel like if I lived in a warm climate, I’d be constantly on a bike or taking walks… but I digress.  So far, so good with my weight loss but I’m stepping it up a notch!

My girlfriend Holly and I made a deal: we’re calling it “Get Up Early & Wear Smaller Pants” haha!  Because I truly believe my problem is not getting my HIIT in every day, we made a pact to get up early each weekday morning (one free morning a week) and do the 30 Day Shred.  We have to text a picture of us at the beginning of each day’s workout (or the end) to my boyfriend to prove that we got up that day.  He will not let either of us lie so he’s a good checking in point.  If we fail to get up and work out and it’s not our free day, we have to pay $20 PER DAY!  We figure, either we’ll be thinner or we’ll have a big bank account to go out to dinner and celebrate our fatness later on 🙂  Hopefully it’s the former!

Anyway, we’re supposed to get some nasty weather coming back this way again, so I’m dreaming of spring and summer days.  Here’s a turkey burger recipe capable of making you think spring (that’s healthy too!)  Try it on a grill pan or cast iron skillet.

I’ve been reading!

I’ve been reading, and reading, and reading! 

I’m looking for a way to change things up.  I’m losing inches and I am looking better in clothes (and without, swimsuit season is approaching us quickly!), but I’m not dropping pounds or clothes sizes like I have wanted to by now.

I’ve (mostly) given up alcohol, sweets, and random not so great for me snacks.  I’ve been working out.  But it’s still not coming off like I want.  So, me being me, I did some research and I came up with a couple conclusions, so I’m trying a few new things for me.

A) I need to be more diligent with my HerbLax.  I STARTED the 45 day colon conditioning cycle but I haven’t finished it.  Why?  Because I can’t spend 10 minutes in the bathroom each morning when I’ve been scheduled for a week’s worth of all day training.  What’s that mean?  Back on the wagon starting today.  I only missed a week, I should be good now.  But hello!  When you have IBS like me, pooping is hella important.

B) I’m giving up cow’s milk – just for now.  I’ve been reading “This Is Why You’re Fat” by Jackie Warner  which speaks to hormonal reasons for weight gains and losses.  Because I’m pretty damn curious, I am going to follow the book for a month and see how it works.  Of course, this is in addition to my Cinch meal supplements.

C) I have to work out more.  This is likely the cause for everything I’m dissatisfied with.  Everyone thinks I’m a rockstar; I kickbox a few times a week and I play soccer.  Football’s about to start for the spring/summer, and of course there’s league kickball.  The problem is, I’m not doing what works for MY body as much as I should.  MY body has always been larger, even when I ran 10 miles a day in high school I was never a thin girl.  The only time I ever felt smaller, and more cut, was when I started High Intensity Interval Training with Jillian Michaels, another reason why I started reading Warner’s book, because they own a gym together.

Jillian’s 30 Day Shred changed. my. whole. body.  I love to hate her and the program.  I love the way I look and feel when I do high intensity interval training.  I also like being social.  It’s good for my business, and it feeds my spirit.  Which is why I’ve chosen to take kickboxing at an MMA gym, why I play soccer and football and kickball.  I LIKE to run around with others.  I LIKE to work up a sweat with others.  So that’s why I do it.  Better than sitting around doing nothing, right?  Often times, my group workouts end with beer.  I’ve been lucky this soccer season, we have had a lot of late games which means no post game bar visits.  But, it’s there, and I’m going to need to prepare for it.

I think getting up early a few days a week to get my Jillian Michaels/Jackie Warner HIIT in, will likely be the key to finally getting this body that I want and being able to maintain.  That way, I know the work’s done before I leave the house, and no matter WHAT happens to me throughout the day, it’s done.

That’s it for now.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Sorry that I’ve been lame!

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been lame and not posting.  Nothing is new with my weight loss, I’ve maintained but haven’t lost anything else.  I’ve been eating fairly clean but my workouts have been lacking because I’m so busy.  New resolution is to get out of bed earlier and do a workout in the morning!  That way, if I’m busy at night I don’t have to worry about not getting my workout in.

I just bought “This Is Why You’re Fat” by Jackie Warner, and it speaks to a whole bunch of reasons people are overweight today – mainly due to hormones.  I’m wondering if tweaking my non-Cinch foods and adding in a 20 minute interval workout (I’m in love with the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred) in the morning will give me the boost I’m looking for.

I’ll stay in touch and let you know what happens.  I did want to mention that Shaklee decided to extend its new member program until 3/31.  Order $70 member price in products, add a $19.99 membership, and you’ll get $100 of Shaklee Cinch products to jump start your weight loss.  This really is the cleanest, healthiest, QUICKEST food you can ever eat.  I highly recommend it!

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