Tools & Tips from Dr. Oz

I was tooling around on a break today and noticed a few cool things on Dr. Oz’s website.  Check these out – Mean Green approved!!

Great link on how to keep produce fresh when you go spend a bunch of money on it (or, when you’re like me, stock up because of a sale)

Puzzled at the grocery store and on a budget?  Your Cinch diet is about $9/day including your multivitamin, a snack, 2 meals and an Energy tea… but what about that 3rd meal?  Great video on food shopping using guidelines of $1/serving.  Use coupons and shop around the perimeter of the store.

$1/serving Recipes to show off your shopping prowess!  Can be made in less than 30 minutes, less than 500 calories per serving, no ingredient over $1/serving  and Recipes underneath both videos, these are done by Paula Deen’s sons, so you know they’re good.

This post is dedicated to my Crazy Coupon Lady friend!  Check out her site here, and enjoy!


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