Week 2 recap, on to Week 3!

Well, last week went good in some regards, and not too great in other regards.

First, let’s start off with a recap.  In case you’re wondering what I ate and how I moved, you can check on the Week 2 food & exercise diary posted here.  I was completely honest with what I did, logging everything in MFP which I’ve found is the most accurate site out there with the largest database I’ve seen.  Great message boards, too, for the record!  Remember, I started with a goal of 1200 calories a day, and on workout days, it can vary.  I am trying not to eat all of my exercise calories, however.

Totals for the week:
Calories logged (included 800 for Friday night’s dinner) 8,470 calories
Fat logged (included 40 for Friday night’s dinner) 184g
Protein logged (included 35 for Friday night’s dinner)  485g
Exercise calorie burn log  1552 calories

8470 calories taken in
-1552 burned by exercise
-10, 150 burned just by daily activity (per MFP)
-3232 calorie deficit for the week which equals almost a pound of weight loss mathematically

Now, not to get into TMI or anything but because it was a certain very special time of the month for me, I am not counting my weigh ins until Weds.  Based on Friday night’s dinner out with beers and Sunday’s 90th birthday celebration, I’m not really expecting any loss at all, but Cinch food is funny like that so I’ll let you know on Weds once I weigh in for real.

As long as I’ve maintained my 6lb weight loss from last week, I’m happy.  We’ll see what happens!

I decided to log Week 3 also and see how it goes.  This week I only have one “celebration” and that is the sales banquet.  I logged everything including exercise for today and I have an extra 1100 calories.  I’ll be keeping you posted!!


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