To Snack or Not To Snack… and on WHAT?!

Last night I rushed out of the office to kickboxing and the drive was very slow because of the snow and slush on all the roads.  I tried to pull into the WNYMMA lot and got stuck.  Thankfully I drive a standard so I rocked out of it and circled around the block to pull back in and ran in to change.  Because of this I was about 15 minutes late to the start of my class and didn’t have a chance to warm up; just jumped right into what we were doing.  We did a lot of intense drills and within 10 minutes I couldn’t see straight, was dizzy, and felt shaky.  I powered through most of the workout near tears, breathing very hard and feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath or I would constantly fall.  It was super scary, I had never felt like that before.  By the time it was over I was really shaky and had to be really careful walking out the door.  One instructor asked me what I ate for the day and I noticed that I didn’t have my usual pre-workout snack.  I was on a conference call and hadn’t packed a bag full of healthy snacks because I knew I was going out to lunch yesterday.  I mentioned I had animal crackers and he kind of shrugged like “hello?!”  I made my way to my car and sat there for awhile to catch my breath and wait for the dizziness to subside before I started driving. 

I quietly thanked my lucky stars as I reached into my bag to obtain my dinner for the evening; a Cinch Meal Bar in Blueberry Almond.  I slowly ate the bar and drank my water, and within about 10 minutes I felt almost good as new.  I realized that before most of my workouts, I have a piece of fruit and a yogurt or something else healthy, and yesterday I totally failed with the animal crackers.  Obviously they didn’t support me at all, even though the calorie count was the same as most of my pre workout snacks.

A small bag of Baked Lays and an electrolyte filled Smart Water later, and I played most of a 50 minute soccer game.  I had a post game snack when I got home of a Lean Pocket and a glass of milk.  Lesson learned for sure.  If I had only snacked right the first time, my blood sugar would have stayed level and I probably wouldn’t have needed the extra snacks. 

Anyway, the other thing I realized is how DELICIOUS the Blueberry Almond Crunch bar is!  I’m going to start eating these more often!

That’s it for now… work calls.


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