SCAM Alert! Why you should only trust QUALITY

This is a scam.  If you see this website on people’s facebooks, please let them know it is a scam.


TRUTH about the SCAM:

In case anyone is wondering, this kind of stuff gives what I do a bad rep.  That is why I chose to partner with a direct sales company who actually does their homework on every single product, prior to putting it on the market.  We chose Shaklee because of the stringent quality controls that go into every single product:  From the vitamins right down to the diaper rash cream.  Every single raw ingredient is tested for purity and effectiveness, BEFORE it goes off to production.  Once produced, they test it AGAIN for purity and effectiveness.  Finally, before even putting these products on the market, our team of scientists commissions the testing of these formulas in independent labs.  That’s right, clinical studies on every.single.product.  Shaklee has to pay for the clinical studies, but has ZERO control over the outcome.  A lot of these studies are peer-reviewed, which means they are published in medical journals. 

The State University of New York at Buffalo is currently testing our cellular anti-aging tonic called Vivix.  In 2009, they did a study which is currently being reviewed for publication.  As soon as it’s published I’ll be sure to link it. Here’s an explanation of the findings by Dr. Stephen Chaney, MD.

In this study, a group of volunteers consumed a 910 calorie breakfast from Burger King. One half of the group took Vivix immediately after breakfast and the other half took a placebo.  For the group consuming Vivix a key genetic regulator of longevity called Nrf2 (pronounced Nerf 2) increased dramatically within the first 3 hours after the meal. For the placebo group Nrf2 levels actually declined.

What does this mean?  It means that the damage a high fat (trans fats, saturated fats) meal does to your system is evident in your blood.  A meal like this one causes your arteries to contract almost immediately (scary, right?), and in some extreme cases where previous arterial damage is present, this meal could send you right to a heart attack.  NRF2 triggers our body’s immune balance and anti stress pathways, keeping us from experiencing internal trauma like heart disease etc.  Vivix has been proven, in this study and many others, to activate NRF2, therefore keeping us healthier!  Of course this does not mean that you can just pound BK all day and be safe by taking your Vivix, but it’s a direct testament of a wildly popular product of Shaklee’s that could be called a scam by others.  It’s not a scam, and UB proved it! 

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with more studies and other things tomorrow.  Thank you to my dear friend who pointed out the acai scam in the first place.  She’s a Shaklee member!  🙂


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