2011 – Week 1!

Well, week 1 is going great. I had a Cinch shake every morning this week except Monday, Saturday and Sunday. I have to try and do better next week with the shakes. I have been taking my vitamins, which is great, because it’s helping me feel great.

I’m totally taking advantage of the Ultra Cinch buy 3, get 1 free. It’s forcing me to stay on track for the whole month ny rewarding me with my 4th month free, which will be perfect because that’s when I’d like to have all my weight loss done by. Think I can get 40 lbs down by April? I think I can, especially if I follow the low glycemic diet and keep feeling this great.

I kickboxed Tues and Weds this week, I have to do better this week, but I know it’ll be better because a new soccer session starts again.

If I’m already down 6lbs… At this rate, I KNOW I can do it by April! Cinch makes it so easy!!

Join me if you like and get 15 free breakfasts, 10 snacks, and 28 Energy teas for FREE with your first order!

Til next week…


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