New Year, New You!

Happy New Year from Mean Green!

I am back on the diet grind, getting back on track like so many of the rest of you. But I’m way too busy to be doing anything that’s not working, so I’m going back to the only plan that’s given me results, fast.

Sure, it’s simple math. What goes in must come out; move more, eat less! But who has time to count calories, prepare special meals, and what if you really DO want that piece of pizza?

The first time I discovered Cinch, I lost around 13 lbs. The 2nd time, I came in near 20. Life got in the way, and for some reason I allowed myself to get off the awesome track I was on. It’s easy to do but what puzzles me now is how easy it was to stay on track, how much cheaper it is and how much better I feel… But yet I lacked the determination to get through my plateau! Stupid me!

The good thing is, I haven’t gotten so far off track I can’t get back on. That’s what’s so great about Cinch, that’s why I’m starting the right way by getting a couple weeks under my belt of the whole awesome plan.

It’s 2 shakes a day, an energy tea, a vitamin you take with every meal. It is truly the fastest food out there! We already have a shake for breakfast almost every day, so I just need to add another one on there and step up my workouts a bit more.

I can guarantee you that I’ll be down at least 10 lbs by the end of Jan, of course I’m sure there will be more lost but we’ll set our sights on the conservative end.

Try this for yourself for 3 months, and get your 4th month free! It’s cheaper, faster, easier, and tastier than ANYTHING out there. Plus, if it doesn’t work for you, give it all back for a full refund… Who offers a guarantee like that?

And what’s more? Lose the weight and everyone’s going to be asking your secrets! Refer your friends and family to lose the weight the same way as you, and you’ll be making more money than you ever thought possible, just by opening your mouth!

I started out small in 2009 and in 2010 I QUINTUPLED my income with Shaklee, and we won a trip to our first conference. Soon, it’s going to be my full time job and afford me a (debt free) spot in culinary school, to expand that end of my business. What are your dreams? Mine started with 10 lbs and $299. In 2011 I’ll have a Shaklee car, and a trip in the fall to the Bahamas to show off my Cinched body!

Live in your dreams, live in the now. If a couple hours a week could get you slimmer, richer, and on a vacation, is it worth it to you?

If you are thinking “hmmm… Maybe?” or “Definitely yes!” then please join us on Jan 8 at 930 am at the Amherst Holiday Inn. It’s free, it’s only 2 hours, and it’s going to give you ideas. Good ideas. Money making ideas.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Now is the time for more! Now is the time for recession proofing your life, fat proofing your body, and adding some FUN back in!

Happy 2011, the year for MORE!


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