Fall is almost here!

Fall is almost here which means I’m remodeling and repainting in my house where applicable (after a year of living there I think it’s finally time), and freshening everything up in my life to get ready for the long winter ahead.  Of course I’m doing it the Mean Green way – Basic H2 to remove the wallpaper, zero VOC paint from Sherwin Williams, and of course high efficiency washer & dryer (and soon, FRIDGE!)

Also I’m struggling with getting up early in the morning because it’s so dark.  I wish I were more of a morning person.  I truly want to be able to wake up at 6 and work out for 30 minutes, enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee and then get in the shower and start my day calm instead of rushing, but when that alarm goes off, wooo ee I don’t want to!   I’ll get there this fall, I promise.  It might just take me a few more B vitamins and an hour extra sleep each night to do it, BUT MARK MY WORDS, I WILL!

I have a skincare seminar on Friday where I’m giving out green facials.  We’re talking about the importance of natural skincare especially going into the colder months, and how you can’t argue with the results our products bring.  It will be a relaxing night with some munchies and wine, and a lavendar infused nighttime facial.   Always trying to spread the word about my amazing products!  If you’re interested in helping me, leave a comment. 

I’m going to be having a tasting party in October to celebrate my new renovations at the house and to share my business with several couples.  I’m going to call it Fall Open House.  If you have any tips, ideas or recipes you’d like to share, let me know in the comments!  As always I’m a big fan of pairing wines with bites of food.  I will likely also have a sale.

That’s it for me for now.  Headed to my 9pm soccer game.  Stay healthy!


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