New to me, news to you

So I finally am back up and running in the blog world.  This time around I chose to take a completely different direction and blog exclusively about my business.  The challenges I face, the amazing products I sell, and how everything is changing my life. 

I should probably introduce myself.  I’m Meg and I am a green living specialist.  I own my own franchise with the largest natural nutrition company in the USA, and I also own my own catering company.  I’ve melded them into one solution and I call it Mean Green.  Those who ‘Mean Green’ try to not just say they’re living a green life, but actually take steps to do it.  Living green is easy once you figure out how much money it can save you and how much better you feel.  It starts out as simple as getting toxic cleaning products out of your house, and caps off with buying local, fresh, non GMO food items.

You should be hearing from me a lot.  I have lots to say and I downloaded the new iPhone app so look out!  Comments are always welcome, especially if you are challenging anything I say.  One of the things I pride myself on is that I back up what I say with real information.  That’s one of the perks of having a franchise with such a great company!

So, enjoy!


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